found parts
|mainimage=Polaroid sx-70.jpg
|propimage=Polaroid sx-70 prop.jpg
|partname=SX-70 Land Camera (Several Sub-models, NOT all appear to have correct viewfinder), Polaroid SLR680
|price=Price varies widely depending on condition of camera. $15 - $75.
|available=Readily available on eBay. It is best to look up broken or damaged cameras that are available for parts.
|character=Boba Fett
|usedfor=The viewfinder from the camera is used as the viewfinder on Boba Fett Super Trooper, Preproduction #1, Preproduction #2, Preproduction #3, and Empire Strikes Back Helmet's Rangefinder.
|info=(discovered by Dan Cabrisis aka Tyler Durden and friends)