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|mainimage=ITT Cannon XLR 5-Pin Female Receptacle.jpg
|propimage=ITT Cannon XLR 5-Pin Female Receptacle Prop.jpg
|manufacturer=ITT Cannon
|partname=5-Pin Female Rectangular Flange Receptacle
|partnumber=XLR531 / 127007-0134 (Global Part #)
|available=Readily available.
|character=Boba Fett
|usedfor=Jet Pack greeblie seen on the underside of Preproduction #3 and inside face of Pre-Production #2 and assumed to be used on the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi jet packs as well.
|info=Receptacle is labeled "+4- feed & switch returns for wrist units". An ITT Cannon XLR 5-Pin Male Plug connects to this receptacle and conveys power to the left and right gauntlet. Power is conveyed to the right gauntlet through two TS style plugs which connect to two Alcoswitch/Tyco Pushbutton Switches. One switch in this power loop ignites the jet pack smoke effect, while it is believed the other turns on/off the lamp in the end of the right gauntlet. Power is conveyed to the left gauntlet through a single TS style plug which connects to one Alcoswitch/Tyco Pushbutton Switches. This switch ignites the "gas gun" on the left gauntlet.

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