For detailed information regarding each part of the Special Edition Boba Fett costume, see Special Edition Boba Fett Costume Details


Stand-in Actor ANH: Mark Austin

Voice Actor ESB re-dub: Temuera Morrison

Stand-in Actor ROTJ: Nelson Hall

Stand-in Actor ROTJ: Don Bies

In the 1997 re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy, Boba Fett was added in to scenes where he was previously absent. The costume was a hybrid of the Empire Strikes Back helmet and Return of the Jedi costume.

In 1997, the Special Edition versions of the classic Star Wars films were released. These versions were cleaned up, remastered, and even had some new footage added in.

Boba Fett's screen time increased significantly in these edits. The Special Edition Boba Fett costume, used for the additional scenes of Boba Fett is a compilation of the Return of the Jedi body with the Empire Strikes Back helmet, and Pre-Production left knee. No effort was made to retain continuity with the original films.

Boba Fett was also added to ANH in the scene where Han meets up with Jabba at the Millenium Falcon. But to further complicate things, in the ANH scenes, the RotJ helmet was used, but the shoulder armor was reversed, putting the skull on the opposite shoulder.

In costuming terms, the SE Fett is probably the most popular version.


This variation has also been seen at Celebration IV, The Art of Star Wars, and other touring exhibitions throughout the years.

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