There are many different ways to attach the armor. The most popular seems to be Velcro and snaps or screws and nuts.


Velcro is the easiest. You'll need sew in type Velcro for the vest (use the loop side of the Velcro here), and Industrial adhesive backed Velcro for the armor (use the hook side here).

Mark out the position of the armor on a vest using something like chalk from a fabric store. Sew the loop side of the Velcro into the vest, slightly set in from the edges you marked.

Apply the hook side of the adhesive backed Velcro to the back of the armor.

Then it's as simple as pressing the armor into place.

Bolts / Snaps

The concepts and techniques behind the nuts and bolts and snaps are the same, just with different styles of fasteners. Describing the process here would be more involved than necessary, so we refer you to these great threads that cover what you'll need to know:

Screws/nuts and snaps:

Many Contributors on snaps and other methods: