Boba Fett's Blastech EE-3 Blaster was made from a real 1916 English Webley No 1 Mark 'I' Flare Gun with its sling still attached. A Micro Precision Products (MPP) Microflash gun was gutted and inserted into the end of the barrel, sticking out approximately 3 3/4" (96 mm) beyond the clamp. Two ring clamps were slid over the barrel for the ASI 4X20 Scope to be mounted on. Four AMP/Tyco Molex Connectors were added to each side of the clamps (two on the front clamp, two on the back). Two connecting rods from the 1977 Revell Visible V8 Model Engine were added to the side of Webley just above the trigger. Two UK AM Aerial Earth Plug were glued to each side of the wood stock, while a red anodized box sits in the center of the two plugs.

Something to note that during production of the Empire Strikes Back the stock was split and the top corner section of it came off. The greeblies themselves also would break off from time to time.