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|manufacturer=Alcoswitch / Tyco Electronics
|partname=SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) Latching Switch
|price=$13.00 - $15.00
|available= Readily Available
MPE106d @
|brief2=Pushbutton switches on Boba Fett's right gauntlet as well as switch on left Preproduction #2 gauntlet and possibly on bottom of jet pack.

|modification=On the right gauntlet, the tip of the first switch has been painted red and the tip of the second switch has been painted black.
|info=There are numerous pushbutton switches with slight variations. While this is not the exact make and brand (the original make and brand have been discontinued), it is relatively close.
While it is not accurate in terms of functionality, if a momentary switch is preferred to a latching (on/off) switch , Tyco makes the same switch in a momentary configuration. It is the MPE106F.