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    Oct 9, 2013, 9:27 AM - Polishing/Sanding out waviness in Vader helmet lenses #1

    I will probably get laughed at for this but I bought the Rubies Standard Vader helmet to go with a Rubies Deluxe (Not the Supreme) Vader costume for a Halloween party. The costume came with just the half mask but I wanted something a bit better without spending alot. Figured the Standard full helmet would be ok. Wasn't looking for accuracy in this case. However the lenses are horribly distorted. Wavy as all hell. You would think Rubies would at least make sure the optical clarity was on par with dollar store sunglasses. Is there any way to sand and/or polish out the waves without ruining the lenses. I suspect the tinted coating is sprayed on which concerns me. Any ideas besides buying an expensive Vader helmet :-D

    Thanks in advance,

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    Nov 27, 2013, 9:49 AM - Re: Polishing/Sanding out waviness in Vader helmet lenses #2

    you can bend some lenxan from home depot with a heat gun or put in stove until it softens enough to bend, shape it to the current lens once done outline the current lens on your piece cut about 1/8 from line, if you have a high speed dremel cut off wheel then file the edge down to the line ( leave the coated popper on until your nearly done. Now remove and final sand edge with 320 and 600 sand paper. Next gets some window tint cheap stuff comes in a roll or ask your car window shop for a small free piece. Usually they will give a cut pie e they can't use. Next you will need soap and water a squeegee or hard sponge. Wet the lens and paper tint cover the lens and squeegee out the bubbles. Then remove backing …tah dahh new lenses

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