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    Jun 18, 2010, 8:49 PM - Duct Trooper!! #1

    No i havent lost my mind..... recently

    Iv been talking to people and tossing ideas around for a while now trying to come up with a half way decent way to make Clone/Storm trooper armor on a low budget. Great for simple halloween costume (cuz the store ones suuuuuuuk) or for a local con or whatever.

    Now, before i get going here to all the critiques, skeptics, and 501st memebers. This armor will NOT get you into the 501st, its not going to survive a blaster fight, (of corse, considering Ewok arrows got through STrooper armor it may not be far off )
    All this is, is a way for simple peeps who dont have the time or money or skills for the heavy stuff to make a decent storm/clone trooper costume with out having to mortgage the house.

    So how do we do it, two words, Duct Tape!
    Basicly heres the rundown...
    You will need: Lots of duct tape, and lots of card board, Latex or acrillic based spray paint (for later)

    The chest and back part is nearly done on mine so i will be posting pics and will post the rundown of how to make each part with the pics. I made the chest and back piece sort or like a vest. this made it easier to work with. Now the back slit hasnt been taken care of yet, Ill be making a flap that will velcro over the back making it solid.
    White Duct Tape can be pruchased at any Lowes or Home Depot, but make sure to check the discount stores too.

    Cardboard can be even easier to find. Go to a supermarket or just about any store and ask them if they have any large cardboard boxes. Supermarkets youll want the kind cereal comes in. Usually they have no problem giving them away.

    Make sure to mesure your self or have someone measure you so you know how big the armor needs to be. then basicly, using a ruler, draw out the basic shape of the armor on the piece of cardboard and cut it out. once you have the shapes you want wrap them in white duct tape trying to keep the lines all in the same direction. and try to keep the ends of the tape on the inside of the armor.

    Now once you have the parts tapped up and looking good (and they fit good) you may want to concider spraying them in a couple of coating of white (acrylic or latex based) spray paint. Should remove the lines of tape from view and make your armor look solid.
    clone-armor-1-jpg clone-armor-2-jpg

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    Jun 18, 2010, 9:57 PM - Re: Duct Trooper!! #2

    Looks good, might I ask why not use pepakura over duct tape?
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    Jun 18, 2010, 10:05 PM - Re: Duct Trooper!! #3

    Quote Vagabond said: View Post
    Looks good, might I ask why not use pepakura over duct tape?
    Thanks a lot, to answer your question, i have messed with pep a bit, its mainly due to my the sizeing witch im still having trouble with, lol as you can no doubt tell from the pic, im a resonably sized guy, making the parts big enough for me was a bit of a challange ^^; but it was partly pepakura that gave me the idea.

    Plus my comps a lil old, program dosent work so good on it
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    Jul 20, 2010, 12:28 PM - Re: Duct Trooper!! #4

    how do you shape it, though? i mean, the grooves and folds?

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