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    Hi im Benji,

    Im located in Brooklyn, New york and the reason im here is because i always wanted to make a Star Wars Costume. And i always thought about making a Storm Trooper suit but then i saw all the stuff you had to do for them and i knew i wasn't skilled enough for it and then i saw that people made Boba Fett Suits and well Fett is the man. So i decided to look more into it and i learned a bunch of things like the different versions of Fett and how you guys sold the parts to his suit so it was easier for me to make one and the Storm Trooper suit is over used by people. So i decided to start my approach to making a ESB Boba Fett Suit.

    so over time i will slowly buy parts to the suit and hope to be done with it soon.

    i don't know what else to say.
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