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    Nov 6, 2008, 3:17 PM - Strife makes his big appearance! #1

    Well, I thought I'd drop in here and post something. I kinda over looked it before, but here is some basic information on me if anyone is interested.

    I'm new to TDH, well duh. My name in Adam. I'm 17 and currently living in Sunny Leesburg Florida, but I do go down to Melbourne beach to hang out with friends. I live with my parents, I joined the forum to improve my costuming abilities. Hopefully I will finish off a great set of armor in the near future. I haven't read any of the star wars books...they seem to be referenced often on the forums. I hope I can better the forum in some way, I might be able to donate every now and then, but I can offer tons of positive advice and reassurance.

    That's whats up. Add me on myspace!

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