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    Hi there, my name is James from the UK. Just thought I'd post a few projects that I've built in the last year by way of an introduction, and there are many older ones on my website too:

    Full size R2-D2, built mostly from scratch:

    Full size C-3PO, which I carved out of wood to make vacuum form moulds (and I made the vac form table too):

    A large Jabba the hut:

    ...which I made for my Star Wars house party:

    Then I decided to build a life size Iron Man statue, which is made of cardboard and wood filler, mainly to experiment with rapid construction techniques: Man/

    Since I didn't make the head of my Iron Man Statue, I'm now working on my own custom clay sculpt / mould / cast from Klean Klay, latex and Aqua Resin: Manhelmet/

    That's going well, so I'm also doing the entire costume in the same way: Mancostume/

    ...the chest plate pictured is getting scrapped for a clay sculpt over a mannequin torso instead, more coming soon...
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