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    Gday everyone, My name is Matthew and i live in Ipswich (just out side Brisbane) Queensland Australia. I work as a dental technician, am married with 2 beautiful children. I enjoy keeping fit by playing touch football, cricket and general fitness. I enjoy computer gaming as well, been playing BFBC2 of late, looking forwards to biowares star wars rpgmmo the old republic (hopefully TDH guild). Been in love with starwars since well i can remember, although i remember ESB better than ANH as a child, the battle on hoth as a 6 year old left me mezmerized (still does + this is the first time we saw boba fett before lucas has re-added it to ANH) and came home drawing AT-AT's, snowspeeders ect much to the surprise of my aunt (something about the memory rentention and detail surprised her) she had taken me to the cinema to see it. Ive always thought about building a fett costume and have visited the site many times, marvelling at some of the mods and photo's that i was classified to see, there are many talented people's on this website and you are so lucky to live in the US, as many items seem to freely available to you all to help create your costumes. I have finally started to trackdown some items, and i am constantly looking at objects thinking that would make a great item (daughters sandcastle spade mod for a Kneepad LOL). I had to go to my best friends sons 3rd birthday party superhero theme and well i scratched up a fett costume in 6 hours was pretty rough but got some funny photo's i could post for a few giggles some time. Anyway i look forwards to this journey and thanks for having an aussie on board.


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