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    i just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.....

    my name is erik and im 30 years old, ive been a starwars fan my entire life and am really into customizing the 3 3/4" figures from the toyline. about 2 years ago i got a wild idea that i needed to have a starwars costume of my own, naturaly being a figure customizer i wanted to create a charecter and look of my own. originaly i was torn between a jedi and a mando costume, but i have to admit it was karen traviss and her amazing republic commando novels that dove into mando culture that brought me full tilt to the mando side!

    aside from reading starwars books, customizing the toys and getting into costuming, im very heavy into tatoos, of course all but 2 of my 7 tatoos are starwars and i do in fact have a boba fett tatoo, which was my very first starwars tatoo. im also into snow boarding and hiking, i run on a regular basis and enjoy playing with my 4 dogs alot, basicly anyhting outdoorsy....

    i just recently got married about 2 weeks ago and my wife and i are enjoying the start of our married life. i work for the railroad as an electrician and am a veteran of the us army, 10th mountain division. thats about the jist of me.....

    as far as my mando costume goes.....ive just started. i do have my belt and an additional ammo pouch for it...i have my flight suit and a pair of fett boots with toe spikes. im hoping to add alot to it in the next few months and pick up some pieces and advice from what looks to be a fun up standing community here.

    sorry for such a long introduction i look forward to seeing everyone around the forum....

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    Dec 27, 2010, 9:59 AM - Re: just saying hey... #2

    Hi. And congrats on your marriage.

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