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    Hi all,

    Just thought i'd introduce mysely to ya all, some of you will know me from other forums, but i thought i'd come over here and see for myself what the TDH is all about since i have heard lots from it and sometimes been given a links here to help me out when needed. I have udated my profile a bit but still need to navigate throughout your forum.

    I am pleased to inform i have been trooping among other groups for the last 2/3yrs and thoroughly enjoy enjoyed the time spent on a hobby/interest that has made me lots of good friends, bringing joy to those less fortunate, and generaly traveling the country seeing new places, this IS my passion.

    On a personal note, i am happily married with 3 children, a home owner work as a Visual Technician, you know what's involved those who know me,lol. established 19yrs ago.

    I have a ANH TK costume which is my main costume i troop with, a Imperial Gunner 90% complete, just waiting on a couple of bits for it, currently i have a few members of other forums making parts to a Clone Wars character "Cad Bane", i know some of you may of seen some progress pics here as the guy who has nearly completed the mask has shown you.
    Once i am allowed to post in all areas i will bring you up to date were i am with the costume.

    Thanks for having me i look forward to browsing the forum.


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