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    Hey TDH'ers, my name is Chris, I've been assembling random Fett suits from found items for many moons. I actually talked to 'universal armorer' on the phone in the nineties sometime when he was the only option except sculpting molding and casting your own, (before it was cool..) or buy the don post version. I never got to Pittston PA to see him though, thank god! I used my suits and helmet as photo reference to paint from. I just found my don post 1995/96 helmet I got brand new in 1996 from don post I believe. I'm sanding off over a decade of bad paint jobs off it, there's layers of pure metallic spray paint, a full jango paint job for my oldest sons Halloween one year, then a quick repaint over that to bring boba back to life for my middle sons Halloween parade the next year. I'm a looong time lurker here, just staring at the gallery for hours and loving people that are as obsessed as I am. I decided to register and become an active member to redo my helmet to an actual movie correct paint job. my favorite is the prepro one that has the blue toned flight suit. Cant remember the exact name of it, don't worry, Ill search it before I ask. I haven't painted Fett in a few years, I do murals and portraits and illustration on the side still. I still have these dreams of painting these insane battle scenes with han and fett like in 'last man standing' from tales of the bounty hunters. so after a bit maybe Ill stick my dp95 on the cargo hold, after I get some good reference pics out of it. yup, I know theres a waiting period but Im not in a hurry. I haven't looked for templates for that size helmet paint job here yet, (the dp95/96) Im headed to search those out now. thanks for having me, talk to you soon!!!
    Im going to put up a pic of my sanding job so far. thoughts, advice, etc let me have it. thanks!

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    Nov 19, 2013, 7:32 PM - hi from upstate new york!! #2

    Welcome !
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    Nov 19, 2013, 10:46 PM - Re: hi from upstate new york!! #3

    Welcome to TDH. I would look at rafalfett's templates. I'm not sure if they will fit the DP lid, if not I'm sure he will be able you help get some.
  5. Nov 21, 2013, 12:40 PM - Re: hi from upstate new york!! #4

    Thanks Im still checking the stencil paint job thread out. so far I think I just need to resize the templates I want by test printing and resizing up or down, then, I watched the multi part youtube video on painting a helmet with the "welsh"? guy. great videos answered all my questions on getting the look perfect. then I guess I need to find a place get a good visor for the dp helmet. and my range finder is broken in three pieces, I need to get one of those as well. Im off to search!!

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