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    Hi TDH people Im new here because I just decided that next halloween Im ging as Bobba Fett...I know im getting a late start what with only 428 days till then but I hope to make the deadline Ive started on the helmet already but I am having a hard time finding chest plate and cod piecr templates any help would be great thanks ( last year my daughter and I went as Klingons some time I might post a picture
    thanks inadvance

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    Dec 6, 2010, 3:36 AM - Re: HI people #2

    Hay there mate every thing you need is here just use the serch feture at the top right
    good luk with that
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    Dec 6, 2010, 5:49 AM - Re: HI people #3







    MOJO"S LIST updated for boba fett


    Fett Pride (gaunts,armour-comes as complete sets, budget and Premium available)
    Man of War Studios (gaunts)
    Wicked Beard (metal gaunts, metal armour)
    Boba Maker (gaunts, armour)


    ASOK (FP Budget) Coming soon
    BobbyfettUK ("Raw" proto mold) Coming soon
    Fettpride (FP Premium, GMH)
    Jinto (BGH2)


    Man of War Studios (Runs, size 13's coming soon)
    CAboots= SUEDE=cheese
    Russrep (toe spikes)
    Mojo - Fett (toe spikes)

    Soft Parts

    Bobamaker (flightsuit,spats,pouches,flakvest,)
    Galactic Bounty Hunter (gloves) Runs
    Ladysewforus (all soft parts)anytime
    Woodman (braids, capes,balaclava's)
    Cucblack (spats, pouches,flightsuit,flakvest)anytime
    Skygunbro (flight suit)
    TKK111 (flightsuit)
    Bat Ninja vest, spats, pouches (runs)
    Girthbelts (Crazy4BobaFett)runs

    Jetpacks, Greeblies and Extras

    Booboo Fett (ammo belts GORGEOUS, metal harness, jetpack hooks, chin skirts)
    Mojo-Fett (pretty much anything aluminum that you need, sidearm for ESB, metal harness)
    TK409 (chest display, cape)
    Fettronics (chest display)
    House Shadow Wolf LTD (knee dart assembly)
    Ruffkin Toy (sidearm holster)
    Shackman (chest light)
    Ripcode (collar bolts)
    Mr Gr8ness (rangefinder circuits)
    Man of War (jetpack)
    bobamaker (ammobelt, shintools,jetpack)
    Darth Voorhees (chestlight)
    Serenity (aluminum Studs)
    Bobby Fett UK (jetpacks, shintools)
    Triomiret (jetpack)
    Stormrider (Helmet interiors only)
    tk6294 (PTT Cables for Aker Voice Amps, Voice Amps)
    Hyperdyne labs (RF LED kits,rangefinder servo controller boards)
    Fenixprops (aluminum darts, studs, Knee darts, helmet padding)


    FettDad (completed replica metal,wood,resin)
    Sidewinder (resin)
    Stormrider (unfinished kits)
    House Shadow Wolf LTD


    lucksy31 (helmet kill stripes, armor and jetpack, and ears graphics) (link)
    slave1pilot (website with sample work)
    Scott (kill stripes)
    Evan4218 (stickers)
    tk409 (kill stripes stencil)

    Painting Services

    Super Jedi
    Bobbyfettuk (jetpack)

    PM all vendors with respect to there work time frames and they will all look after you

    Welcome to TDH
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