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    Hello everyone!
    I´m Just started the journey towards my own Boba costume. Hopefully i wil have it ready in like 12-18 months. At the moment i have nothing, but ordered and paid for bucket and boots. I have to wait for those a while tho... Guess the bucket maker has lots to do and the boots were on backorder. I have not decided if i should go for the ESB or ROTJ version. ESB bucket looks muuch better imho... well almost everything on the ESB is better. BUT it seems like i would have some trouble finding the correct EE-3 and sidearm/holster. In my country i think you need a weapons permit to own the speargun used for the sidearm, even if you make the gun non working. And it seems that most of the EE-3 kits you see is for the ROTJ version actually i havent found any kits for the ESB version. Sure i could try scratch building the guns but im not very good at those things, painting on the other hand isnt a very big problem, i have some experience with airbrush and liquidmask, Mostly tank and airplane models tho..

    Anyway i´m happy to be here and happy to finally be on the way towards my own Boba

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    Dec 24, 2010, 6:25 PM - Re: Hello From Sweden! #2

    hej välkommen till TDH, welcome mate check out this mans work (FettDad), makes either,


    or another talented gentleman Sidewinder



    sidewinder has a website as well

    you could always try something like this sentry's custom make over

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    Dec 25, 2010, 2:52 AM - Re: Hello From Sweden! #3

    Thank you very much for those links, great stuff!! Just what im looking for. If i find an equally good alternative for the sidearm i would be all set for the ESB version. =)

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