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    Apr 22, 2012, 8:19 PM - Hello from Oregon #1

    Hello all!

    I'm Anthony, TS-4344 from Cloud City Garrison. As you can see I joined last year and well life and other things got in the way of ever getting down to doing anything here. I am currently working on an ROTJ Fett that I got a lot of parts from someone in my garrison last year. Been doing a lot of lurking trying to figure out what else I need and it has been quite a lot of help. Turns out for whatever reason I have an ESB ammo belt as well as an ESB girth belt. The current flak vest that came with everything is way too big on me so I'm not even going to try to salvage that one.

    As of right now I know I need: girth and ammo belts, new wookie braids, neck seal, new flak vest, and an EE-3. I'm looking at a Woodman girth belt and wookie braids, BBF ammo belt and neck seal, either an LFSU or crazy4bobafett vest, and I've been looking at the Sidewinder EE-3. Would love to get a Hyperfirm if I can find one.

    I'm hoping I can get the rest of what I need done in time for CVI this summer as I really want to wear some armor but *not* my Snowtrooper!

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    Apr 26, 2012, 4:30 AM - Re: Hello from Oregon #2

    Welcome, and maybe we cross eachother on CVI

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