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    Hello all! I'm glad there is a place for mando fans and extremely happy to finally find one! I stood in those long lines for the original Star Wars movie and have been completely engulfed ever since...well, minus that jar jar binks business but life does go on right? Lol. I'm looking to build my first set of Mando armor to attend Dragoncon 2014 and ask for whatever help and tips any of you fine folks may have. I'm not necessarily looking at purchasing a completed outfit, but making one from metal rather than plastic or fiberglass. Originally, I was going to go with a Boba costume, but have decided to do a super commando style instead...mixing between Jango's and Boba's armor with personalized battle damage, colorings, etc. The helmet is my primary concern, as I really don't want to purchase a dented Boba helmet, as I've seen some really bad examples released for public purchase so my question is are there any places, companies, entities that sell a quality mando helmet that is primered or a template to make one? I've seen templates for the rest of the armor ,so that shouldn't be as difficult. Thanks for any help you can give, and I will post pics as to the progress I make!

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    Nov 18, 2013, 7:32 PM - Re: Hello all! #2

    Welcome to TDH. You have a couple of options. Animefan has a nice dentless helmet.

    The other option is to use WOF's templates, which there are some tutorials on how to go about constructing a helmet using these templates. I believe Antman did the tutorial.

    Another option in making a helmet is using pepakura. This is the method I used & have a couple of threads showing some of the process.

    This is all in what you feel comfortable with but use the search function there is tons of great information here. And ask if you don't know.

    Good luck.