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    Hey guys.. Although im a bit late on thecoop_yoda1-jpg intro (my apologies)the past few weeks on this site have been a blast! Like everyone here, I have been a SW enthusiast since a very young age


    img_0190-jpgMy wife and I have a beautiful baby boy (who turns one in Dec). I am a Kinesiologist and along w/ my colleague own a performance company which works w/ many amateur, elite, Olympic, and professional athletes as well as post-rehab and gen fitness www.dfperformance.net.
    Anyhow, In 05 I purchased a Rubies DV costume (I didnt know any better) as a college graduation gift to myself. Unhappy w/ some of the intricacies of the suit I recently set out to perform some mods and came across this wonderfull site! I am just about getting close to where id like the suit to be. I am extremely greatfull for all of the wonderful help and assistance you guys have given me as of this far and look forward to getting to know more of the SW/ FETT community!


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