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    Apr 25, 2014, 3:07 PM - Greetings from Virginia! #1

    Hey guys, I just tried to post an intro, but I guess it got messed up somehow...I'll make sure to copy this one incase it doesn't go through again.

    Anyways, I'm a big Boba fan, and while watching The Clone Wars series the other day I decided I wanted my own custom Mando armor.
    I paused the show and took some screenshots of scenes that displayed the armor well, and then I freehanded the designs onto some sheet metal I had around the house.
    Long story short the first set I made didn't turn out so great, so I redid it, the second time being more precise and actually measuring stuff.
    Second set turned out a lot better I think.

    Anyways, after doing the second set I realized that I should probably check online since I could probably do a much better job with help.
    I found the templates for Boba's armor, and I plan on using them for the rest of the armor that I didn't already make (back, neck, groin), and perhaps use it to redo the chest pieces if I decide mine aren't good enough (very likely).

    I've got a couple pictures of a shirt that I plan as using as a vest, and a jumpsuit that I plan on having under the "vest", as well as the chest pieces that I already cut out.

    I'm planning on using Boba's armor template, but not doing an actual Boba build, so I'm not worried about things matching up perfectly.

    I plan on posting a lot on here so you guys can see my progress and give me any advice if I need it! This is my first time doing this kinda thing, so it's all very new to me

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    Apr 28, 2014, 1:07 PM - Re: Greetings from Virginia! #2


    Hey all! Just finished my neck piece, I'm posting from my phone, so hopefully the picture shows up.
    I added an old surplus army belt as well, it seems like a good amount of my gear is gonna be military related, which I think will look kinda cool.

    I'd love some feed back about what you guys think, and suggestions for improvement!

    I'll probably post again tomorrow if I get the shoulder bells or groin piece done
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    Apr 28, 2014, 4:36 PM - Re: Greetings from Virginia! #3

    Cool, another Virginian!
    Welcome, and be sure to take a look around in the "Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters" section
    of the forum. Lots of custom builds in there.

    I like the look of that surplus belt with those pouches.

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