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    Jan 28, 2013, 9:38 AM - Different Armor Build - Ren Faire Armor #1

    So here's a brief intro to me. My name's Frank, I live upstate and work in NYC. I'm a lifelong SW geek, as I'm sure we all are here, and I've always been interested in medieval / renaissance weapons / armor etc. and history in general. I've always wanted to have a suit of Mando armor and I've always wanted a suit of ren armor, so I've decided to mold the two. Not pure mando, but not really "period" renaissance. Boba is my inspiration, so I'm working on building a stainless steel, mando ish suit of bandit / mercenary armor for the ren faire in Tuxedo, NY this year. The reason I say bandit / merc armor is because when you look at Boba's armor, it almost seems like the type of lightweight and mobile (and cheap / thrown together) armor that a merc would wear, no offense intended.

    I'm currently cutting 16 ga stainless plates out using the templates I found on this site. Once they're cut, bent and planished I'll be joining them together with leather straps and buckles instead of using a typical Boba or Jango vest. I'll just wear it over some simple renaissance garb, like a short sleeve tunic and "hosen" or whatever you want to call renaissance pants, throw some piratey boots on (with added Boba boot spikes) and call it a day. After I build a barbute t-visor helmet and paint it and the whole armor in the Boba paint scheme. Let me know what you guys think, I'll see if I can get a sketch done sometime this week.

    Quick question, for a WIP thread on this, which subforum should I post in? Figure I might as well do a build thread.

    PS, you guys have some awesome armor and ideas, and I've been a lurker almost since the inception of the site.

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    Jan 28, 2013, 10:15 AM - Re: Different Armor Build - Ren Faire Armor #2

    Welcome to TDH! You're in the right place for your Boba/mando/medieval armor and helmet. The best forum for your build thread would be the Prop Building Workshop (right under the Introductions forum). And yes, we want a sketch and more ideas regarding you suit.

    Good hunting!
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    Jan 28, 2013, 10:35 AM - Re: Different Armor Build - Ren Faire Armor #3

    Thanks for the pointers! I'll get to posting over there tonight probably.

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