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  1. Nov 21, 2008, 12:52 PM - Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #1

    Evening all...
    Fisrt of all, big shout out to The Dent for sorting out my registration, cheers man!

    Since I have been registered I have a look around the forum to get know what to expect before I posted anything and there is some talented buggers on here is there not?! Good work fellas, and fellaettes!!

    If anyone hasent guessed yet I am from good old Blighty.
    Have done some life casting before after I having a delivery of alginate and a load liquid latex delivered to my door a couple of days after a bored boozy night in at the computer and I am quite good a making/modelling things. Since then I have pleanty of ideas of making masks/costumes, which with my electronic control background I hope to intergrate them into something special, but at the moment am still a novice in the ways to achieve this.
    What brought me to this site is not only the fact that there is great advice on how to acheive this, but also information on making probably the coolest and best costumes know to man!!

    Hope to get to know you all soon, and where I will no doubtably be calling on your knowledge and skills, I hope I can be of just as good use to you in the future!

    Cheers for now.

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  3. MADDMUDDER's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Nov 21, 2008, 12:57 PM - Re: Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #2

    welcome vlad. Its always good to meet a fellow fabricator. Right now i am trying to score some knowledge on making casts myself. but i have no electronic nohow. anyhow enjoy the group. and yes the talent here is endlessmate
  4. maycol's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Nov 21, 2008, 3:00 PM - Re: Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #3

    I dont like tea that much, but over a coffee we can discuss any fett themed conversation you like ^_^

    welcome mate!
  5. I helped at SDCC '08 Bountyone's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Nov 21, 2008, 4:56 PM - Re: Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #4

    Welcome me ol China plate, I'm a Brit transplanted to San Diego California. Always good to see another Limey on the boards. Sod the coffee, get the kettle on!

  6. I helped at SDCC '08 987654321a's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nov 21, 2008, 5:15 PM - Re: Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #5

    I would kill for a cup of tea right now!

    Welcome buddy.
  7. stormtrooperguy's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    Nov 21, 2008, 5:24 PM - Re: Anyone for a nice cup of tea?? #6

    i've had enough tea to drown today, but i'll always take a bit more.

    though i'm more a chinese tea fan than a traditional black.

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