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    Feb 13, 2013, 7:15 PM - Ahoy thar! Noob from Tampa! #1

    Hey, guys! Some of y'all might might recognize me from the Mandalorian Mercs forum, or the 501st FLG boards.
    As the title of the thread indicates, I'm from Tampa. I'm 15, and have been in costume making since I was about 11, with my first legit-ish costume being a GNK power droid. Since then, I've made a member of the Modal Nodes, a custom Mandalorian, and bits and pieces of Mandalorian suits for my friends.

    My first major canon build is going to be the Cuy'Val Dar member Llats Ward. I've already started gathering information and reference pictures about the suit, and I hope to buy a set of armor from RKD/IOA and a helmet from NME Props as soon as possible.

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