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    May 19, 2010, 12:44 AM - Sahirate's Design / Build / Upgrades #1

    Hello TDH members. I am Sahirate, a member of the Mandalorian Mercs, and I thought I'd jump on over here and help any femmandos out as well as get some other feedback on what I could improve upon with my set. I'm going to start from the beginning to show everyone the process I used.

    First my design/color scheme:
    design2-jpg design-jpg

    My templates on my duct tape dress form I made:
    tempondf-jpg templatesout1-jpg

    Vest and Gith Belt:

    Neck Seal and other belt:

    Armor Molded:

    I can't find the pictures of when I filled in the darts. From the molding to the silver finish I filled the darts in with Epoxy putty. After that I put a fine layer of bondo over it to smooth out where the darts were. After I did this I came out with:

    I added battle damage using Mustard as my masking fluid while putting on the gray and blue coloring. I used charcoal as a "darkening agent" around the damage to give it a scorched look. After my first troop I added the chain to the cod piece to give it a more feminine look and to prevent a "floating" piece of armor:

    My gaunts are cheaply made but the paint job makes them look decent. I'm going to be remaking them or buying more when I get the funds to later on so for now they will suffice:

    Painted with lettering:

    Next post will be how I made my helmet.... TBC
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    May 19, 2010, 1:02 AM - Re: Sahirate's Design / Build / Upgrades #2

    I did a scratch build for my first helmet and it definitely was harder than I thought it would be. It was also more rewarding than I thought. I stumbled upon a 5$ batting cage helm that I demolished in the process but it all worked out. I taped off where I wanted the dome to meet the helmet and dremeled it out. Then tried my templates on there and went to town. I used for sale sign from home depot as a base. Once I had my templates taped on and secure I took it outside and fiber-glassed the inside. I let it dry over night and in the morning I removed the tape:

    After that I applied Bondo and spent hours sanding down, reapplying and getting it smoothed. I then applied a silver layer to give it a base start.

    I then again used mustard as my masking fluid and went to painting producing this!

    Here is my set finished!!

    Tell me whatcha think!! =D

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