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    Dec 10, 2013, 3:07 PM - New to TDH, building custom mando #1

    Hey, I'm new to TDH and a first time costumer, making a custom mandalorian! I've got a NME Props Mercenary 2.0 bucket, and a set of gel coated fiberglass beskar'gam on the way (boba battle damage, but I'll deal...) I plan on making a jump pack (as opposed to jetpack) from scratch and mounting it directly to my backplate.

    My color scheme is going to be modeled after "Gypsy Danger" from Pacific Rim (although I'm notoriously fickle about these things), with kind of an overall "airborne commando/ spec ops feel".

    I made a Tumblr a while back ( when I first decided to get this started, after being a Fett fan since the first time I saw Star Wars! I just recently discovered the MMCC, TDH, and RPF so forgive me if i'm full of general knowledge questions... Thanks for having me! OYA!

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