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    Feb 5, 2016, 10:55 AM - Need some help with audio systems #1

    Hey everyone, I'm almost finished with my first Mando bucket. I've installed the fan, and I'm already running out of space. (Big head, small bucket.)
    I have plenty of room in the ears left, which is perfect because I'm trying to research a small helmet hearing aid system, but I've been unable to find much thus far. I'm also looking into installing an Aker system
    Any pics of helmet interiors/advice on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Feb 5, 2016, 2:03 PM - Re: Need some help with audio systems #2

    Sent a PM to help.
  4. Apr 1, 2016, 6:33 PM - Re: Need some help with audio systems #3

    I'll send a PM as well... I also have a thread that will detail the progress my current project, which includes such a system

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