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    Feb 25, 2009, 11:10 PM - Flexible fighting armor? HELP? #1

    Hey I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not!

    I want to make a set of armor that's fairly flexible, something I can fight in easily. I'm in Philly Jedi (a light saber choreograph club) and I'd like to fight in my armor. Another problem - I'm also female and got's big chesticles.

    So I basically want the impossible from Mando armor - something I don't have to bind my chest down too tight for and something that I'll be able to move easily in. I was thinking of craft foam armor or perhaps even cardboard. Another idea that's been brought up is to somehow attach mando plates to lacrosse armor. Does anyone have any pictures of Mando armor done in either of these styles?

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    Feb 26, 2009, 2:34 AM - Re: Flexible fighting armor? HELP? #2

    flexible and light enough for swordplay, but fitting to the female form? and mando-esque? quite a challenge!

    have you considered making the armor from plastic trash cans and bins? the "trash can" armor is cheap, light, and easy to make. its what i made mine from!

    maybe make your own trashcan armor fitted to a fem shape?

    have you seen the thread by The Pink Mando: My Fem Mando Progress (pics)?? She has some fem shaped armor best suited for the lady mando with "chesticles".

    She got this armor from Rotton. He sells the set for $45 I think. If its in your budget, it would be the quickest way to get what you need.

    Your shoulder is probably where you need the most mobility, so just sacrifice the shoulder bells? or maybe just cut them to be extra small and unrestrictive?

    cut out some plastic fem chest armor, mold it to fit your shape, then mount it on a sleeveless flak jacket made of lightweight, breathable material (canvas, under armour shirt)??

    hope these ideas helped!
    good luck!
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    Feb 26, 2009, 10:08 AM - Re: Flexible fighting armor? HELP? #3

    I would probably also cut the armour so that it follows the outside curve of the breast or you may find the corners pinching when you swing. If you choose to have the back armor, you may also want to cut out a half circle where it meets the arm joint, this would ensure that you have full motion when you swing your arms about.

    Foam padded shoulder bells sewn into a fabric would look ok too.
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    Feb 26, 2009, 10:30 AM - Re: Flexible fighting armor? HELP? #4

    If you're a jetti'kad swinging Mandalorian... hmmm. Well something that will take thw whack from a lightsaber fairly well, can be quite flexible would be leather. Depending on the thickness will make up the weight. It's not overly heavy but it's no ultra lightweight either. Simply make your armor templates and cvut the plates from leather rather than plastic or sintra or metal. For the breast plates, you can cut 3 or 4 strips that are connected with rings or rivets to contour to your body better. Also, if you wet the leather and form it, it will dry to fit.

    Just a suggestion. ANY armor you put on will restrict movement and weigh you down. It's the trade off. You can wear a chainmail shirt with little to no restriction and little to no protection and have a full range of motion and abilities. However, evety piec e of heavier armor you add will cut down on the movemnet, range, speed and mobility but, it gives you added protection and allows you to take more punishment.

    Personally, I say loose the armor and wear a robe if you want to be a Jedi. If you want to be Mano'ade, armor up and perhaps carry a heavy beskad to hack with.

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