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  1. Oct 4, 2013, 11:51 PM - Buffalo Bill & Jill Fett? #1

    Ok well I been gone for while, but I am back! Bought a house, had a kid, and need to get busy again!

    Have a buddy that started a Fett and now he wants to sell off his parts... new interests I guess... Ya for me!

    Soooo I figured I could take what he had and get started! Bucket is a GMH, but I am big boy and not a lot room in it, is that normal or should I be looking for different lid?

    Then my wife and I were joking around and I said we should do Bill and Jill (Buffalo Bill) Fett costumes. Now we are SERIOUSLY thinking about it since the only one done was this guy (and he made his in 3 days). I was thinking more screen accurate approch with some artist leeway! Boba Bill - YouTube

    Besides I can't leave out the wife (HOTHGIRL) she like to do a Female Fett as Jill Cheerleader...

    His brother made a nice one~!
    Fan Built Boba Fett Costume Replica - YouTube

    Any input from you guys... I am thinking it prob take me a year with all I got on my plate but I think I want to commit to this build and have some fun! Figured I try this one for my first and go from there! Since it doesn't have to be PERFECT I can learn from my mistake on this before I build one I really want to go all out on!

    Any input is welcome, plus have few fun ideas already!

    All leather football belt pouches LACES OUT!

    Forget the Bantha skull, go with the Bison skull

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  3. Oct 9, 2013, 1:17 AM - Re: Buffalo Bill & Jill Fett? #2

    Aww guys, think this is SPAM???

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