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    Apr 18, 2010, 3:42 PM - Vintage Toy collector signing in.... #1

    Evenin peeps,

    Yes you guessed it, another new guy!!!

    I've been a collector of Vintage SW toys for over 4 years now which has exposed me to many elements of the hobby. I may have met many of you UK guys at Mem's and show's over the last few years.

    I have had a MR Stormie bucket as well as a Boba lid from another source for some time, but I've always been interested in armour and I have recently been able to purchase a Stormtrooper suit.

    I have been lurking on the site for some weeks, and I love the vibe you have here aswell as some of the limelights.

    Cheers guys, nice to be here.


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