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    Jan 9, 2009, 9:51 AM - Advertising on TDH #1

    We have finally enabled a few of our affiliate programs, starting with Sideshow! Why are we doing this? While we greatly appreciate your donations, we hate that we have to depend on them. We would much rather the board be self-sustaining and be able to pay for its bills via money generated through affiliate programs. While this is a change from where we have always stood, if the affiliate programs are successful, it will allow TDH to do bigger and better things, and most importantly, it won't require us to beg you, our members, for money to do it.

    A couple of things we would like to commit to is that we plan to never let advertising come before content. This site is about making props, not making money. We may eventually do a sidebar with the advertising, but we will never make you scroll past advertising to get to the content of this site.

    Second, we hope to only use affiliate programs that we feel directly appeal to our members, which means it will mainly focus on Star Wars related pieces!

    Once we are bringing in enough revenue from the affiliate programs to cover our monthly expenses, we will eliminate the large donation bar at the top of the page (we will leave a link for anyone who would like to make a donation, but it will be much less obtrusive).

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