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    Jan 4, 2010, 12:19 PM - The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome #1

    The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome!

    Finally done! This is my T21 Lewis gun. The details on what is inside are located below the video before the pictures.

    First off a video of my gun.

    For details on the innards.
    *Gun: It was made by a master woodsmith known as "the Woodchuck". The gun is made out of wood with the exception of the middle barrel. I asked Woodchuck to make the end barrel hollow so that I could add my modifications. I had considered buying a cushman but I did not like the look for the cost. Woodchuck did an awesome job as you can see by the pictures.

    *Sound: I have a $15 mini mp3 player set up to play heavy blaster sound in a nonstop loop. I have the mp3 player hooked into one of my 10watt Aker voice amps. It is small enough to fit right into the barrel of the T21 without modification. It is plenty loud as you can hear in the video (If you are interested in one of my amps please see the link below). I control the blaster sound with a push to talk cable that I made myself. It is a male to male audio cable with a micro momentary push button wired in-between. The push button is wired out to the trigger. In a few weeks I will be making a bunch of these PTT cables to sell along with my amps. So when I hold down the button the audio connection is made and the blaster sound plays through my amp.

    Aker Voice Amps Link:

    *Lights: I have three small red LED lights that are turned on by a lighted toggle switch wired to the outside of the T21. Those lights tell me the gun is powered. Then I have twenty 10mm red LED lights wired to shine out of the gun. Another lighted toggle switch is wired to the outside of the T21 to turn them on. However, I also wired another micro momentary push button to turn the 20 LED lights on and off. I wired that push button to the T21 trigger and piggy backed it onto the sound push button. So when I push down the micro momentary push buttons the sound comes on and the lights turn on. Both the sound and the lights stay on until I release the buttons. All of the lights are powered by three Lithium Ion 3.6volt batteries. The advantage of these batteries is that one lithium battery replace two AA batteries.

    *Smoke: This is the really cool part. I hacked up and modded a miniature fog machine into the barrel of the T21. The smoke machine is powered by the same three lithium batteries that power the lights. The fog machine is turned on by the third lighted toggle switch wired to the outside of the gun. There are also three blue LED lights wired into the same switch as the fog machine to indicate inside the gun that the machine is on. To control the fog/smoke exhaust there is a squeeze bulb wired from the fog machine inside the barrel to the outside of the T21 and located on the handle below the trigger. All I have to do to make the fog/smoke come out of the gun is flip the lighted toggle switch on and squeeze the bulb on the gun handle.

    If you are wondering where I found the miniature fog machine go to I stumbled across these smoke ring guns last year and I bought one for each of my kids. They are really cool and I recommend them to anyone with kids (adults love them too). I also bought one of their wizard wands. The wand just expels smoke/fog in a steady stream. The wizard wand was my inspiration for the smoking T21. I talked to the inventor and owner of zerotoys and he was very helpful with tips on modding. He even supplied me with some of the original wand prototypes. With some serious cutting, rewiring, and re-plumbing I was able to fit the wand into my T21 and make it work.

    Here are some pictures

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    Jan 4, 2010, 2:02 PM - Re: The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome #2

    Awesome work. That gun looks fantastic.

    If anyone needs a voice amp I would highly recommend the Aker amps he has for sale. I have one I got from him and it is great. Very loud and doesn't feedback as easily as others I have seen. I got mine from you at Fan Days and have been loving it ever since.
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    Jan 4, 2010, 10:47 PM - Re: The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome #3

    Wow... and I thought I was bad wiring a 12 LED brake light from a VW GTI into the barrel of my EE-3. That is an awe inspiring piece of weaponry you have there.
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    Jan 4, 2010, 11:30 PM - Re: The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome #4

    Too cool! That is something to behold.
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    Jan 5, 2010, 6:49 AM - Re: The Smoking T21: Woodchuck, Lights, Sound, & Smoke=Awesome #5

    good work mate!!!!

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