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    Oct 26, 2010, 10:16 PM - Repainting a Don Post Helmet #1

    Hey all, my husband and I recently got a '96 Don Post Royal Guard helmet. But I have a problem/question!

    When we purchased it we were told it was refinished, but when we received it (to me) it didn't (doesn't) look like anything was done to it. Before you ask, yes, I have seen one before anything was done to it in a costume shop where I live about 10 years ago now, I know it was a long time ago now, but I'm pretty sure it looked identical to this, plus I've been looking at star wars helmet comparisons double checking to see if i was right, and I'm sure I am.

    Now that you know what happened, here's the question I was wanting to know if anyone has some tips on how to repaint my Don Post helmet, I looked through some of the other posts and didn't see anything. If I am wrong I am very sorry, I only have looked through about 3 pages of posts so far.

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    Oct 26, 2010, 10:54 PM - Re: Repainting a Don Post Helmet #2

    i don't see how it would be much different from prepping a jango helmet. though i'd be worried at how well the helmet has been holding up after all these years, sometimes the plastic can take on quite the cantankerous personality. but so long as it hasn't "dried out" and cracked you should be able to heat it up and gently work out any warps that may be present. once that's done it's prep time for painting. i'd suggest using 220 grit to take off the original paint. then 400, and 800 grit to get the surface super smooth to prime. once you primer it, give it a good look over, if there's any spots that are still rough, go back to 400 grit and then 800 again then re-prime. sand gently over the entire helmet again with 800, one more light coat of primer then go over it all one more time gently with 1000 or even 1200 grit. at this point your surface should be ready for paint, a couple light coats of whatever hi-gloss red you're using, then let it fully dry. search for imperfections and lightly sand them out with 1200. another couple coats of red, and again let it fully dry for a couple days. dust it off with a microfiber cloth when you're ready to clear coat. a good hi-gloss clear coat is needed here, i'd suggest 2-4 coats depending on what kind you get and the illusion depth it creates.

    your arm may be very sore from all the sanding, but the finished product will be well worth it.

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