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    Mar 18, 2016, 3:59 PM - Regarding lead times #1

    There seems to be some upset members who have purchased pieces from me and are awaiting their arrival. One member in particular has taken it upon themselves to seek out anyone who has purchased from me and make inquiries about their pieces.
    Let it be known that to date I have NEVER, and will NEVER leave someone hanging out to dry. I have spent years building a reputation that I aim to keep clean. Also, I have never denied a refund to anyone who wanted one.
    It's true that I take on a lot of work to stay busy. I also have a large variety of pieces and services that I offer. Sometimes that means that I won't touch my airbrush for a few months while I am resin casting, mold making, or weather not permitting. As any diverse prop maker knows, it's much more efficient to binge on one task that to constantly hop from task to another. I have always tried to give realistic lead times. Sometimes I'm not able to meet them, as life happens. The most current orders have been delayed due to the sale of my house, which also had my workshops (yes, plural) on the property. It hasn't been easy to produce orders while having to simultaneously pack a workshop and work in it. Lead times have suffered, and it has been chaotic here the last 6 months. There is no easier way to say it. For this, I am truly sorry to have inconvenienced any of you.

    Now, I would like to address the member who has taken it upon themself to rally anyone with an outstanding order from me:
    Before you attempt to hang me out to dry, consider this. Your initial order was delayed because you chose to double the size from a finished EE-3 to a finished EE-3, finished Pulce 40, and finished holster. When the order was filled in November, USPS damaged the CRATED goods. In theory, I could have let you take up the claim and file for the insurance money from the damaged goods. Instead of leaving that to you, I (being upstanding) volunteered to take on the task. USPS has denied my claim, and the 2 appeals for the $454 claim. Now, (before USPS denied the claim 3 times) as I told you before, I was never going to leave you getting the shaft here. If I hadn't taken it upon myself, you would have been left with the broken EE3. As it stands now, I'm going to eat that cost and time to make you another. Let's also not forget, that it took you a month to return it, in which time you trooped with it at 501st events. For you to complain and rally others about the time it takes to replace a finished piece, while taking your time to return it and having me eat the near $500 cost to replace it doesnt sit well with me. I have handled this in as professional a manner as I can to this point AND WILL CONTINUE TO HANDLE IT IN SUCH A WAY. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, I would ask you to consider what I have done for you in the months past before you are quick to judge me and my professionalism regarding your order.

    Regarding my lack of responses to emails:
    If you've read the above, you have an idea of how tight my schedule is. I do my best to answer the emails I can, when I can, when I feel it necessary. I could spend entire nights and weekends doing nothing but correspondence, but then nothing would get done in the shops. You've got to understand that I never intentionally duck an email, a PM, or a text. I see them all, I make note of them all, and I continue to push on.
    For those of you who are awaiting your orders, please know that I am working on them. If I say "they're on my table" they're on my table. It's not a smokescreen to buy more time. They are being worked on.

    That is all.
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    Mar 18, 2016, 6:32 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #2

    Best of luck to you friend....hope all works out.
  4. starchild99's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 8:01 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #3

    Matt u always have my support,your one of those guys that cares and tries to meet everyone's deadlines no matter what,your communication is beyond top notch! U go the extra mile and your beyond fair with all your commissions and lead times....
  5. dv8r's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 8:16 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #4

    For anyone's interest, I ordered several items from Matthew last year, and even after an initial misunderstanding (on my part), he was very helpful and easy to deal with. My order did take quite a while, more than I'd expected going in, but this was actually my first purchase of high-quality Fett items, and I had little idea the effort involved. Now after working to finish many of the parts I've collected since then I have a better idea of the time required, and a much higher respect for the skills (I don't have) that go into creating these prop-replica items. The hours and sweat that go into these creations should not be taken for granted. Just because we're buying these items on the Internet doesn't mean they're stamped out of some machine in China waiting on a shelf for our orders; they're the gifts of hard labor and research offered (if I can be so bold as to surmise and generalize) from a love of the hobby. I doubt this is a main or single career for any of these folks, but something they spend their "free" time on, and can't imagine our collective market supporting any trips to Bermuda or the like. Try to keep this in your perspective, and treat these folks with the respect they deserve. I know it was Matthew who showed me how.
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    Mar 18, 2016, 8:23 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #5

    Don't worry about it Matt... your feedback page does all the talking! Wish you well with the move and look forward to you getting back on track.
    All good things come to those who wait and your product is worth waiting for!
  7. skaalaluke's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 9:00 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #6

    If I take anything from this post is that you are the one to go to. Excellent, professional, and upstanding. It takes a lot to address someone who is going out of their way to discredit you and your work. Keep up the great work, good luck with the chaos of moving not just your family home but your workshop especially as well. I look forward to making a purchase from you in the future.

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  8. Hunter930's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 9:31 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #7

    Great product, great workmanship, great communication, great after sales service...highly recommend
  9. BobaKen's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 9:48 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #8

    I have your back too Matt Some people are just ignorant
  10. Furious's Avatar
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    Mar 18, 2016, 10:26 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #9

    I am pretty sure most people on here know you are a good and honest seller Matt.
  11. fettfw3's Avatar
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    May 2015
    Mar 20, 2016, 10:57 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #10

    I have also gotten ee-3 parts from you when I bought darthvooris ee-3 and needed to change it from esb to rotj version and you did me good on the whole deal.
  12. toolguy301's Avatar
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    Mar 21, 2016, 4:27 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #11

    Nothing but positive things to say about Matt & how he treats his customers. My dealings with him have have been with great communication, willing to work out special requests, & great products. Will keep referring others to him for what he offers.

    As stated above this is all being done for the love of the hobby & sometimes life throws a wrench in our plans that delays things. So patience is a requirement for this hobby. Nothing but respect for all the vendors on this forum & in this hobby, without them you would be stuck making everything yourself. Unless that is something you want to do.

    Matt good luck with the move & getting settled in.
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    Mar 23, 2016, 6:29 PM - Re: Regarding lead times #12

    Only have positive things to say about working with you @MLS
    All y'all noobs should realize that these things take time. High quality pieces are worth the wait. If you can't be patient and take your time with your build you're going about it the wrong way. The guys that provide top notch pieces are all about quality and details. They won't be sending you crap, believe me. Also never insult the maker and go behind their back I mean WTH. We all know what kind of messes the USPS can create...
    Matt I take off my cap to you in dealing with the situation in the way you did.

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    Nov 2016
    Nov 17, 2016, 7:40 AM - Re: Regarding lead times #13

    Purchased the ROTJ Kit a few days ago, after reading all the replies here, looks like I made the right choice in my supplier.
    Looking forward to my kit and to be honest I would rather have a quality product when its ready than a dodgy kit asap.
  15. crumdum's Avatar
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    Nov 17, 2016, 9:04 AM - Re: Regarding lead times #14

    MLS is incredibly busy...few people here truly understand how busy the dude really is. He's fairly gracious and willing to help others, but time constraints don't always lend well to being able to as responsive as some might want. His work truly is top notch and his skills are fairly amazing.

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