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    Apr 12, 2006, 7:07 PM - Paintball Armor Update #1

    Well, I apologize for possibly anoying everyone with this, but I have gotten up to phase 2! After much thought, I decided to not get a PVC material of any kind. While at the CG Station today, I came across a brand of garbage bucket they use, by Rubbermade, caled "Brute." So today, I went out and bought a 32 gallon bucket. Apparently its the strongest one that home depot carries, and was somewhat expensive. Anyway, I should recieve a Dremel tool from a friend tomorrow.

    This is where I will need opinions from experienced members.
    My plan to how I am going to cut it seems pretty straightforward. I am first going to cut off the top part of it, where the handles, and lid would be snapped too, and then cut off the botton of it, so I will just have the smooth surfaced area left. Once both ends have been cut, I plan to make a complet vertical cut from top to bottom, so that I can flatten out the plastic. The reason is because I feel it would be easier to draw the templates, and then cut it as is. Plus, the curve of it makes it easier to form, at least when wearing it, it will form to my frame. And finnally, I will cut out a second set, so that I can stack both sets on top of each other to give it thickness and strength, and possibly bolt it together somehoe.
    I havent figured how Im gonna attach it to a vest yet though. So are there any opinions, comments, or warnings? Thanks


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    Apr 13, 2006, 9:08 AM - Re: Paintball Armor Update #2

    a gallon? you do realize the "strength" is there because of it's form? the bucket itself? once it ha sa single scratch it will be just as flimsy as any other thin plastic.

    you can attach it with velcro or snaps or whatever, if you want the fett way: tons of topics here explaining how, but for paintballing I suggest getting different material and otherwise bolt it right on your vest, so just drill holes in the sheets and make button holes (small ones) in the vest and then some bolts through it.
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    Mar 2006
    Apr 13, 2006, 11:08 PM - Re: Paintball Armor Update #3

    I dont mean to be rude, but I did say it was a 32 gallon bucket. The strength of it does come from the form, but that mainly affects the overall buckets strength. I did today cut out the pieces, and pictures will be posted in the armor forum. I am surprised myself, as to when I cut the first piece, it was thicker, and sturdier. Trust me, this material is not flimsy, with the exception of the collar piece, but thats just because its a longer piece. Regardless, it shouldnt really make a difference, other then that it can reduce the pain factor. So either way, its a win-win situation, I mean, Im not trying to stop bullets here...

    (Who was coverd in plastic dust)
  5. mrgr8ness's Avatar
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    Apr 14, 2006, 11:09 AM - Re: Paintball Armor Update #4

    I think even the thin plastic garbage can would stop a paintball without you feeling it much. Personally I think a thinner plastic with a little give to it, would be a better choice. It would stop most of the impact of the paintball hitting your body, and it might even give you the "bounce" factor every once in a while to keep you in the game. I'm a tourney player, so I don't use armor or padding, but you want to wear stuff with give, so you get some paintballs to bounce off you. If you could come up with rubberized armor, that would be ideal

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