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    Oct 30, 2007, 8:21 AM - Helmet Build Up - Clay / Putty? #1

    Im going to start with a scratch built WOF template helmet, with no greebles/details in it. Just the basic shape.

    I want to 'build up' different details, cut different eye slots etc.

    Ive pondered a bunch of different ways to do this. I dont want to wear it. Im going to make a mold of it and pour resin copies or do fiberglass.

    Ill tackle making the mold later. My current question is what should I use to sculpt on it. I do not want to use a water based clay. I know that much. My college days were spent making clay sculpts, and having them crack when firing because I didnt kneed out all of the air bubbles.

    Is there a oil based clay thats stiff or air drys slow enough you can work an hour or two on it before it dries? Or never fully 'dries' but is stiff enough to make a mold of?

    Evan has been kind enough to give me all the information on which materials are best for making the mold. This is the last piece of the puzzle I want to get my hands around before starting.

    Thanks for reading and any info you can provide. Remember, that im pretty new to it, but more importantly other newbies will stumble onto this thread also, so the more descriptive the better. Saves a tun of questions, however silly they might be


    PS. Any scratch builders / Fabricators / sculpters in the michigan/indiana/ohio region? Im in kzoo, and willing to drive just to share ideas and knowledge.
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    Oct 30, 2007, 1:19 PM - Re: Helmet Build Up - Clay / Putty? #2

    I've used Klean Klay for almost everything.
    They have different levels of firmness, and you can stick it in the microwave for a bit to soften it up. When it's cool, it's pretty firm.


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