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    Stupid question(s) alert.

    I have a few items I want to hang on the wall. Using some ideas I have seen on here and other sites, I have a pretty good idea of how I want them to look.

    One of thing that would make the display pop is a plaque or label somewhere on the stand identifying the movie (written in proper font), the character the item belongs to, and the name of the item. Maybe even include some icons or symbols associated with the movie or character. This would be something similar to other fan made ones I've seen, or the Master Replicas displays.

    Star Wars
    Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Boba Fett's
    Modified BlasTech
    EE-3 Carbine

    With maybe the mythosaur skull on one side and the Mandalorian chest symbol on the other?

    My question, for the fans that have made something similar, do you just go to any engraving shop and have those made? They don't give you any hassle for using copyrighted logo, icons, pictures, intellectual property and all that?

    Or are there some online engraving shops with whom you can upload what you want, they engrave it, and mail it to you? That way you could make the layout exactly as you want in Photoshop and just send it to them.

    Or going a different direction with PS...create the whole design, using a metallic looking background, and using the blending options to make everything look engraved. That might not look bad especially if it's behind plexiglass.

    Or on that same path, is there some kind of metallic looking paper or labels that one could print on and have it look pretty realistic? I've seen the foil metal address labels, but that seems a bit too shiny to me.

    Just throwing this out there to see what people do. Thanks in advance.
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