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    Apr 3, 2005, 12:08 PM - Advice needed #1

    After an extensive search I have finally found a base gun to make original blaster carbines for my movie "The Mandalorian Wars". This means that I don't need to use dozens of EE-3's! However, I need help to cast the new carbine up.
    As they're for a movie they need to be fairly robust but I really do not know how to go about casting them.
    Also which would be better, Rubber or Resin? (I've done neither so any advice welcome)


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    Apr 3, 2005, 1:15 PM - Re: Advice needed #2

    Just the top of my head i would say rubber.. that's what most props are made out of anyway in the movies... either that or silicone..
  4. Apr 6, 2005, 4:13 PM - Re: Advice needed #3

    I have a resin EE-3 and I would say rubber. Resin is more brittle and will break if dropped on the wrong spot.

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