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    Sep 27, 2007, 1:19 AM - 2ndPost: First Sintra Work, I made a Boot! #1

    So if you haven't read my first post, I'm attempting to make a basic Iron Man armor for the regular Halloween drunkathon we host every year at our house.

    After reading through tons of useful information on this site, I decided to go with Sintra, and try my hand at it. Starting off was rough as I was using a Heat Gun (not very good), and have now started using the boiling water method which works amazingly good, even if I have to ruin a nice big cooking pot.

    I'm not going for picture-replica quality by any means right now, just kinda seeing what I can easily and quickly do with the Sintra material, and putting together something that will resemble Iron Man armor before Halloween. More than likely, the "armor" part of my costume will probably look like old-Iron Man basic getup armor, as seen in the picture here:

    Although, once I piece together the helmet, I hope to have it somewhat closely resemble that of the upcoming movie helm/mask (provided I have the time and Sintra skills to do so.

    So anyways, my first 3 pieces of Sintra I have put together as a shoe/boot covering. Once I figure out the best scratch-proof method of painting this stuff, it will have a metallic red shine like the movie armor, and will be riveted together at the joints and be flexible like a shoe would. I know it's prolly basic and crappy, but it's a start!

    Here's a thread about the movie trailer with some good pics of the movie armor: http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showt...light=Iron Man

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    Sep 29, 2007, 12:14 AM - Re: 2ndPost: First Sintra Work, I made a Boot! #2

    So I had a minor setback, the middle piece of the boot/shoe covering was too small, it fit the shoe fine, that is, until I put my foot in it and stretched it out a bit, which caused the cover to raise up and reveal too much of the shoe underneath. So back to the drawing board, to cut out a much bigger piece, and instead of just removing the middle piece, I decided to leave it in and bend it up to become a boot "tongue" of sorts to connect to the future leg pieces.

    So here it is, primed, coated in a metallic red spray, and riveted together (although I haven't painted over the metal rivets yet, they will soon be red too!).

    Unfortunately the pictures make the red look ALOT lighter than it actually is, and don't show the sheen and metallic effect you get in person. And of course, the aluminum rivets stick out like a sore thumb until I paint them. Next I will finish the right foot, then start working on the legs. When and if I get the legs done, I will post em here to continue this "work in progress", even if it's only for myself
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    Sep 30, 2007, 10:28 AM - Re: 2ndPost: First Sintra Work, I made a Boot! #3

    Tony Stark would be proud.
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    Oct 3, 2007, 3:19 PM - Re: 2ndPost: First Sintra Work, I made a Boot! #4

    Lookin Good !
    Keep the photo's commin

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