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    Nov 26, 2011, 3:06 PM - Seattle Zam update for 2012 #1

    Hey there Zammers and Fetts, Soon we will have a Jango in my area, for the first time since I've done this costume, so I'm upgrading it for a re-launch in spring of next year. I'm losing the weight (gotta have a skinnier middle), and rebuilding the vest, cummerbund, and toe guards; I'm also redying or redoing the skirt, as the leather plates faded from years of trooping in the sun. Blast. And they had protective lacquer on them too, so we'll see if that works at all. If anyone has a metal Zam blaster OR a blaster with a sound card from the epic Mon Cal runs from a few years ago, please email me. I will pay cash, trade you custom resin casts, something. I am desperate to upgrade my gun. Also, I'm putting more boning into the new vest and will take pics as I go for everyone just getting their Zam together. Is anyone interested in pics of the entire kit as it looks now nd as it is upgraded? I could include the bin and how I pack it for airline travel, etc. The hunt will soon be on!!! Deunan/ aka SeattleZam

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  3. thrax's Avatar
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    Nov 26, 2011, 7:42 PM - Re: Seattle Zam update for 2012 #2

    Can't wait to see the progress. Good Luck!
  4. Admin Staff MaulMaus's Avatar
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    Nov 26, 2011, 8:41 PM - Re: Seattle Zam update for 2012 #3

    I'm looking forward to seeing the updates to your Zam! I loved the one you had at CV! But I know real life and trooping can take a toll on the costume... so updates and upgrades are an inevitable part of the hobby!
  5. Member Since
    Sep 2011
    Nov 29, 2011, 6:30 PM - Re: Seattle Zam update for 2012 #4

    I would absolutely love to see it. I know I would like to see the magic of packing "my precious" into a trooping tub.

    Do you happen to make parts too?


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