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    Nov 25, 2003, 12:03 AM - Merged: Re: Testing the colors with photoshop! with finished helmet now! #151

    Take that, Lucas films!
    What'd you do the weathering with?

    Nevermind, found the answer:
    "Liquitex - mars black, raw umber, burnt ambur."

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  3. Jan 23, 2005, 4:38 PM - Re: Official Thread - Helmet #152

    Re: pinstriping

    Found the best way on a practise run was...
    draw a line with a soft pencil to leave a light guide line mark...
    Best way to get it straight for me was to use a credit card as a rule...
    gently bend it against the helmet and rule out a striaght line all the way round...
    then follow it over with the auto pinstrip.
    Work really really well on the practise run!

    Also noticed after watching the dvd movie footage on screen and in the bucket head documentary that the top stripe goes all the way round the top without any breaks in it...
    IE: over the RF ear peice...not into it.

    Ps: found the 1/8th auto pinstripe far too thick!, and went with the double pinstrip combo where theres a 1/8th stripe over top a 1/6th (i think) pinstripe set together into one thick clear tape...
    Just cut along both sides of the thinner stripe which leaves you with a nice size and backing paper to peel back as you go...

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