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    Oct 1, 2013, 5:14 PM - Jango Armor Mods- Appropriate? #1

    I've recently dove head-first into assembling a great Jango costume, and have already started doing some mods to it (i.e. remote rangefinder from Salamander King and others) in an effort to take it to the next level. However, there are two mods that I want to do that I'm not sure of. One of these modifications (chest armor) takes into account the comparison between Jango and Boba, and the second mod (gauntlet) is what to do with what I feel might be a gap in intended design and actual completion of the costume and what actually made it to the screen.

    MOD One- would it be a cardinal sin to add the digital read out Jango's chest armor to the costume? Otherwise, what is the point of having these recessed rectangular sections in his chest armor?
    Google Image Result for http://www.tk409.com/images/fett/armor/chestdisplay/2.jpg

    MOD Two- Would it be also bad to incorporate a small back-lit digital panel with numbers of some kind on the gauntlet. As you can see, there are indentations here again (for some reason)...I think it is for another readout of some kind.


    I'm not familiar with how "approval" is done with the 501st and how critical that approval authority is with changes like this to the costume.

    I'd love to hear some input from everyone on this.....
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    Oct 1, 2013, 8:30 PM - Re: Jango Armor Mods- Appropriate? #2

    as a legion member since 2008 and a garrison commanding officer for the past two years, i can tell you right now that modifications like that would be a dealbreaker for joining the legion because your costume would no longer be screen accurate. however, if you were to get a second chest plate and gauntlets you could get approved with the screen accurate set, then wear the modified versions to non-canon events like conventions and smaller events. ask your local garrison CO to explain the difference between canon and non-canon events.
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    Oct 2, 2013, 1:32 PM - Re: Jango Armor Mods- Appropriate? #3

    Thanks Saint_Nasty for the follow-up on these questions. Is there a location where it details all the requirements and standards that a particular costume must meet for 501st approval?
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    Oct 2, 2013, 3:18 PM - Re: Jango Armor Mods- Appropriate? #4

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