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    Hello and good day to all. My name is Troy Gaines and I post here for comraderie and fellowship in all things Jango.

    About me? Well, I'm active 501st (Garrison Tyranus) for the past three years with over 50 troops under my belt. I costume as an Episode III Clone Trooper/Airborne as well as a Stormtrooper and have been known to don my Vader from time to time.

    To learn more about me, I'd invite any of interest to vist me and view my pics over at www.myspace.com/troygaines or on Facebook, again by my name.

    I've known many Fetts to pass through these doors, my Garrison, DragonCon, Farpoint and all have said this is where I need to be. You see, I bought a Jango second hand and am currently working it to my needs, painted/weathered, etc. My primary issue is thus...I have a Mastiff and he likes the taste of leather. My leather bolo was gnawed upon and my ammo belt as well although the ammo puches are fine. I've searched the web everywhere from the Chubby Horse to tandyleather and am unsure of how to replace these belts having worked in only plastic before. I have not located any active runs on these items. I dont feel comfortable buying spools of bolo overseas and am unsure about the coloration process used for natural bolo or belt blank.

    Are there any members here who are providing bolo belts for compensation and/or the leather ammo belts sans ammo pouches?

    Much thanks and with this I begin the posting process to get to know as many as possible who share a familiar interest.

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