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    Apr 30, 2012, 8:43 PM - Building or buying my Jango Fett. #1

    Greetings everyone.
    I am a new member (so to speak) on this site. As my Vader will be finished in the next 2-3 months it's time to look into my last costume desire. Jango Fett.
    My situation is this: I have absolutely no talent for painting, weathering etc. Putting togethor my Mando suit and doing all the work nearly drove me to the dudes in white coats.
    So I need to do one of two things. Purchase a ready made and ready to go full suit or purchase all of the parts individually but have them painted, weathered and so on so as all I need to do is attatch them to the flightsuit and vest. Either way will be fine with me. I can assemble it, just not prepare it.
    I realize that finding a complete suit is difficult and probably rare. Therefore can you direct me to who would sell the pieces I need and have them ready to wear?

    Thanks for your help. I look forward to being a full member here very soon.
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    Apr 30, 2012, 8:46 PM - Re: Building or buying my Jango Fett. #2

    Depending on where you get parts, who paints them and such- it could be cheaper to buy the costume, again... depending on parts used and who painted those
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    May 1, 2012, 2:53 AM - Re: Building or buying my Jango Fett. #3

    It depends on your budget, time, and what quality parts you're willing to settle for. Personally, it would have been an adventure to do everything myself from scratch. Looking back--now that I have every component--I could have probably done a lot of it myself--minus the armor pieces. I did make my girth. I could have made my ammo belt. I could have made my holsters. I could have attempted to make a flight suit and flak jacket. I also would have waited another 2-3 weeks before buying that pair of Bedford STUs *grumble*. I don't personally have the equipment and space to work with fiberglass resin. For me, I opted to outsource my parts.

    For me though, I wanted the best. If I would have attempted it myself, I wouldn't have been satisfied with the final look. There are many on here who are set up to make the things you want.

    Here is my Jango, almost 100% not of myself:

    Good luck with your decision. It's a great build.

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