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    I'm currently putting together my own Jango Fett suit. (I'll be posting questions on the forum I'm sure ) And the other day, I was cruising eBay and decided to do a search for "Jango Fett" when I came across a costume maker from Singapore who had the utility belt for $45 with free shipping. Needless to say, I took a chance and ordered one.

    I got it last week and I'm actually impressed. I wasn't expecting much, as it seems that quality from the Orient leaves a lot to be desired. But not in this case. The box came, the belt itself was sealed in plastic, as were each individual pouches. (There's eight in total.) The stitching is nice, and feels like it'll hold up to some prolonged use. The quality of the pleather is thick and very nice.

    I'll be posting some pictures shortly, but in the mean time feel free to check the seller's Boba/Jango belt: Boba Fett Belt Pouches x 8 Costume Star Wars Props Accessories | eBay


    And here's some pictures. Please excuse the quality, taken with a Nokia E72.

    The belt itself

    Stitching where the velcro meets at the back of the belt.

    Velcro and stitching

    Velcro and stitching

    Back of the belt showing how the pouches attach

    Close up of pouch stitching and texture of pouch

    Close up of exterior pouch and stitching

    Close up of open pouch to show stitching

    Close up of what the texture is like on the backside of the belt and inside of the pouches

    Interior space of pouches

    Pouch open

    Rear of pouch

    Side of pouch

    Front of pouch

    General close up of pouches and stitching

    The belt is roughly 47 inches long if you choose large.

    As I mentioned, I was impressed with the quality. I'm not sure how much custom utility pouches go for, but I feel I got a deal for just $45 bucks shipped.

    If they do fail, which I doubt, the belt itself will make a great template.
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