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    hey guys, I have my helmet cut out and put together, I have two full helmets, one is cardstock, the 110 lb and the other is cardboard.

    Even after reading the forums I see the helmet in the pre-hardend phase, then I get lost in the steps up to where they are sanding it all down and fine tuning details. I'm missing Step b in steps a-b-c-d

    From what I get there is the Fiberglass and Resin way

    There is a bake method though I don't know what material is used to do that

    I'm not asking which method is easier I'd like to know exactly how to do each method...even after reading I am still puzzled on how to use the fiberglass and resin.

    I also believe there was a hardening agent that can be used on the card stock, that might be the best answer since I have a helmet made in cardstock

    ((I guess the real problem is that the light hasn't turned on yet as far as understanding how this all works))
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