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    Apr 11, 2012, 7:38 PM - short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #1

    First let me say, this is a gorgeous helmet. the outside looks almost straight off the film itself. This is The GMH Resin cast by Fett Pride. the only things i did to it so for is cleaned up some of the leftover apron on the bottom and drill small holes where some of the holes go (to attach the ears). I would have just taped them on for now, but tape wasn't sticking to it.. not even duct tape. i don't know, maybe i did something wrong.. i tried wiping it down with some Acetone and then just some water.. nothing seemed to help. anyways.

    all outward appearances look wonderful. there were a few weak resin spots where the visor needs to be cut in a few spots. but who cares about that.. its coming out anyways!



    The inside is very glossy. very smooth, but there is one spot where there seems to be a bump of too much resin i shined a flashlight in and you can kind of see it… also see the light inside the bucket picts showing the thickness the dark areas are thicker.. when put on, it's a bit uncomfortable because of it and will probably need to be sanded down.

    Inside light to see resin thickness

    Below is the image i was talking about above the dark area on the left is the bump.

    all in all i think this helmet is absolutely brilliant.. the resin seems very durable and for the most part even and not weak.. and would be great for trooping! most of my experiences with resin seem a but brittle or sometimes too bendy and weak.. this is perfect.. expertly made!

    I personally would have preferred a fiberglass one just because of the accurate build i am doing.

    Chris if you are reading this brother, it was a long wait (for me) but totally worth it.. I think i might owe you a beer (or other beverage of your choosing) just for taking on this project.. Cheers!

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    Apr 12, 2012, 6:40 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #2

    I like how Chris engraved a number for each of these helmets. Must make you feel you really have something special there!
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    Apr 12, 2012, 8:15 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #3

    It's an awsome helmet man! I wish I could get a hold of a Fettpride helmet... I am trying to PM him about his gauntlets for now though (Pst FP, I sent you a PM ) !

    Do you think the resin one is as durable as the fiberglass version? I don't have much experience with the material so I'm not as keen on that kind of thing yet...
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    Apr 12, 2012, 8:59 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #4

    It's a diferent kind of resin, a custom mix we can say (like Hyperfirm's products but with hard resin) so it's not comparable to any other poliurethane resin used in the past. Anyway fettpride said it was as durable and resistant as any fiberglass helmet.
  6. fettpride is offline fettpride
    Apr 12, 2012, 12:53 PM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #5

    Jimmy, great review brother

    The helmet looks quite sinister illuminated from inside like that, I like it

    I do want to add, in the event that someone finds it a little odd that you
    can see light through it at all, I want to emphasize that this does NOT
    mean that it is thin. As KaanE pointed out, it is a very different formulation.
    (Thank you BTW )

    Standard general purpose urethanes, such as Smooth-Cast white tinted
    and beige tinted urethanes as an example, are completely opaque in
    thicknesses of 1/8th or thicker. Some of you that own an Asok resin
    helmet may be familiar with this. Dye's can also make them even more
    resistant to seeing light through them as well. The formulation of the
    urethane I've adopted for my own machine rotocast helmets and other
    future products has only a 70% comparative opacity. Which means it
    is 30% translucent. The translucency can be reduced with dyes, but
    dyes can actually weaken urethane integrity to some extent depending
    on the type of urethane being used so I made a personal choice to leave
    the formulation as is for the maximum rated durability.

    Each helmet is cast in a wall thickness of approximately 3/16
    over all, and each weighs in at right about two pounds. This is a lot of
    material, and very sturdy. I won't get into specifics about the formula (such
    as how many ounces used in a casting, ect.) but the end weight after flashing
    and excess material is removed after each casting yields a 96% uniform
    casting each time (when you compare one casting to the next in a series).
    Each of these castings should be within 1oz of each other or less. That puts
    each casting approximately a half pound heavier than any of my FG castings.
    This is neccessary in keeping the machine cast version on par if not equal
    to an FG copy where durability is concerned based on the manufacture
    specifications. However, to the end user, the overall thickness and weight
    is hardly noticeable in difference vs. an FG copy.

    There is actually a lot of math that went into this. The process is not as simple
    as some might want you to believe.

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    Apr 12, 2012, 1:32 PM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #6

    Dig the underlit helmet Jimmy!... I think you should put lights in it and walk around like that
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    May 7, 2012, 7:45 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #7

    These are totally awesome pics. Thanks. And thanks to FP for the amazing works of art. Long time lurker here and just got my ASOK/FP helmet form a fellow TDH'er. It rocks, but still VERY jealous of those who own the GMHs though...
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    Feb 27, 2013, 4:47 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #8

    Hi Jimmy,

    Just want to ask what GMH stands for?

    Thanks ,
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    Feb 27, 2013, 6:59 AM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #9

    Quote jeru said: View Post
    Hi Jimmy,

    Just want to ask what GMH stands for?

    Thanks ,
    GMH = Grant McCune Helmet (see more here ==> The Grant McCune Boba Fett Helmet).
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    Feb 27, 2013, 4:33 PM - Re: short review on Resin Fett Pride GMH (pict heavy) #10

    Congrats! Personally, I wouldn't be too concerned about the 'bump' on the inside.
    If you're going to make this wearable, you'll need to use some kind of pads or a
    hardhat liner or something to keep it from slipping around on your head.

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