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  1. Bountys Hunted's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Aug 12, 2003, 10:29 PM - Re: Micke's Pre-Pro helmet UPDATE3 #51

    This is looking really cool. You guys are doing a helluva job!

    Impressive indeed! I've decided that helmet painting skills are not included in my skills folder...!

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  3. Baddblood's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    Oct 17, 2003, 3:37 PM - Re: Micke's Pre-Pro helmet UPDATE3 #52

    I'm sanding down my DP DLX recast in order to make a rabbit ears helmet, especially since I'm anticipating a MSH2.
    I tried contacting RA to see if he'd be willing to work on the helmet for me but I havent heard back from him yet.
    *crosses fingers*
  4. Member Since
    Apr 2002
    Nov 21, 2004, 3:47 AM - Re: Micke's Pre-Pro helmet UPDATE3 #53

    Well long time since last update..
    Bad new first. My helmet broke in 6 pieces(i'm not even going into how it broke. Goodnews:I managed to glue it all together with Epoxy and it's as sturdy as it originally was. Now i'm sanding the helmet to get rid of all the uneveness by the cracks. I'm glad this is a resin helmet. Fiberglass would have been harder to repair. The paint have been stripped and i'm starting allover again...

    I'll post update shots as they become available.

  5. Predatormv's Avatar
    Member Since
    Nov 2002
    Nov 21, 2004, 2:39 PM - Re: Micke's Pre-Pro helmet UPDATE3 #54

    Oh man that is aweful to hear. That was such a sweet helmet. I am sure that it will look great again with you amazing painting skills but it still bad to hear.
  6. Member Since
    Feb 2004
    Jan 26, 2005, 2:33 PM - show me your Pre-pro Rabbit ear helmet #55

    anyone painted a pre-pro helmet, the one with the "rabbit ears"

    is there any good reference for the back of that helmet?

    please show me yours
  7. Lynn TXP 0369's Avatar
    Member Since
    Mar 2002
    Jan 26, 2005, 7:22 PM - Re: Prepro "Eyes" Helmet Thread #56

    Micke's is the one that broke, mine didn't.
    I sold it on eBay sometime last year and I no longer have it.

  8. Tyler Durden's Avatar
    Member Since
    Feb 2002
    Jan 26, 2005, 7:25 PM - Re: Prepro "Eyes" Helmet Thread #57

    Here's a pic of the back of the helmet:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails back_eyes-jpg  
  9. SaxeCoburg's Avatar
    Member Since
    Oct 2004
    Feb 10, 2005, 7:39 PM - Re: Prepro "Eyes" Helmet Thread #58

    Hey guys I've been looking for more info on the "story" behind the "bunny ears"? What are they there for... is it mentioned anywhere? Any info would be great.
  10. Jango Fett Jr's Avatar
    Member Since
    May 2002
    Feb 12, 2005, 6:07 PM - Re: Prepro "Eyes" Helmet Thread #59

    I believe the purpose was to make people look silly when he stood behind them in photographs.

    Well it looks like I'll be starting on this helmet soon

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