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    Hello all, been thinking about doing a full set of boba armor for quite a while now and i have been doing a bit of research and im off to a start. but being a newbie i have already hit a snag..... trying to assemble the cheeks i taped them together for fit and the flat rounded part of the cheeks seemed too small for the top section... so i tried taping in the backbone and it was too big... im using the WOF templates. i tried prefolding the cheekbone and im not even sure where to fold it... other than that everything else is working great. i bought foamboard to make a skeleton for the bucket and posterboard for the outside. i was then going to fiberglass the outside? ive heard its ok to do inside or outside i just figured it might be easier to make a thin layer of fiberglass on the outside and work in if needed

    anyhow im going to reprint my templates and work on making a posterboard version. ill leave the cheekbones out till i figure it out

    lastly i need a namechange, SOMEHOW my ****** computer managed to ommit the t in pilot when i made my profile and now im stuck with pilo294... any chance i can get an admin or a mod to make the name Pilot294? or will i need to make a new profile?

    Thanks all, any help will be greatly apreciated

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