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    Feb 8, 2009, 11:33 AM - my noob scratch build #1

    i had been busy with school and stuff but i finally got around to it and here we are! i built this with cardboard using the required templates. i then ran to the dollar store and got a bowl and cut it with the band saw to the required diameter. i glued everything using a hot glue gun. then i used fiberglass and did a non clothe layer on the outside and inside i then did a clothe layer inside. i bought elmers fiberglass and would NOT recommend it. the stuff takes for ever to harden i ended up having to put it over top of my wood stove in the workshop. but long story short it hardened. i primmered it up and let it dry. i used this stuff called liquid frisket to do the layering. but after that it was a matterof more and more paint, and frisket. but eventually i had a decent bucket. i used a piece of shaded, face sheild found at harbor frieght for $8. But obviously this bucket isn't done but it looks great in my room next to my projector screen. i feel this is/was a decent and fullfilling experience and have all the help and experiences on here to thank for that. so i really appreciate all the help and responses to my questions etc.

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    Mar 3, 2009, 10:42 PM - Re: my noob scratch build #2

    that looks great Slimeguy, thx for the link to this new post, you've seen my bucket, look over there<<<< I made it with priority mail envelopes and resin/glass and bondo. The WOF templates are a little small for my HUGE mellon, so I use the A4 template, but print it on Letter size it's a little off, but I just spread it out to fill in the gaps.

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